Stellar Cartography

The Known Galaxy has various names among the cultures which inhabit it. Being that trans-galactic travel is as yet unknown, no attempt to standardize those names has been made. It is a thin disk-shaped galaxy, with no central cluster or prominent spiral arms. The Commonwealth resides near the center, in an area of fairly uniform stellar frequency. The galaxy is generally less than 10 light-years thick, though systems are sometimes spaced farther above or below where the galactic plane is reckoned.

Commonwealth maps still use a numbering system developed by the Iron Kingdom. This system numbers worlds in reference to the Iron Kingdom throne-world of Ur Draxa. The galaxy is divided into 4 quadrants (with the Commonwealth residing in the SE), and each quadrant divided into hexagonal sectors roughly 10 light-years across.

A sector can hold many systems, though most have 3-5. From that number, a large percentage have inhabitable planets, most likely due to ancient terraforming efforts of the Illithid or other precursor species.


The Commonwealth

Core Systems

Kartonis – 0811

Capital planet of the Commonwealth, the fleet maintains operations here

Arvandor – 0709

The Penubra

Penumbra Station – 1708

1315 – GEN Mining facility, no native inhabitants, secret training facility that was the home of the GEN Magus Insurrection.

0719 – Citadel Station – watchtower on border of Gorgon Imperium

The Dark Zone

A dense nebula with a significant concentration of GEN particles. This prevents both mundane and magical scans of the contents, as well as significantly reducing the speed at which travel is safe. Ancient texts show this to be the heart of the Illithid Empire, long destroyed by an unknown force. The concentration and variety of GEN deposits makes this a valuable frontier for the Commonwealth.

Explored Sectors

The Buffer Zone

0804 – Doradus System – Ancient robot facility, recovered devastator robot. Installation core had become insane and presented itself as a Olympian deity.

1001 – Violet star, 4th planet, 1 moon. Used for hand-off during the Ephemelon Innoculation.

0416 – Drexnal system, volcanic planet

Iron Kingdom

1206 – Planet Pellanistra

Gorgon Imperium

0519 – Primogen System – asteroid mining rigs, used for Pathfinder refit after Starkiller ambush.


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