Ship Types

Ship design theory varies between species and nation.

Commonwealth ships tend towards large geometrical designs, due to the availability of EMc production.

Gorgon Imperium ships are ornate and cramped with many handcrafted components and bio-liquid systems.

Iron Kingdom ships tend to be unique, but most notable is their use of living ships and alternative drive technologies.


Steward-Class – retrofitted to house expanded crew quarters and communal areas. Sometimes described as mini-space stations, these serve as the tent-pole vessels for exploration and diplomacy missions. They are well armed enough to provide other vessels with protection, and their “Villages” offer a collection of free-trader shops, taverns, and service parlors to provide for the various personnel aboard the ship and visitors.
Examples: Pathfinder, Wayfarer


Examples: The Valiant, The Gravehound (GI)


Dragoon-Class – Hold over from the war with the Iron Kingdom, these are multi-purpose heavy-hitters, sporting a massive main-gun and a prodigious loadout of missles. Combined with room for a platoon of marines, this ship is perfect for smash and board operations.

The Black Eye – Gorgon custom, Barlon Nesterak


Examples: Windwalker


Scarab-Class – Elven craft with gold plating and a beetle-like appearance. Armaments and sensors are housed on two forward facing spars, giving an impression of massive mandibles.

Shipboard Environments

Electrical Cables
Cooling Cables
Access tubes


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