The recently rediscovered Philosopher’s Tome of Klarkash Ton has raised the possibility that the Illithid are not actually the master-race that they and the Commonwealth have believed, and are in fact an bio-engineered “overseer” race created by the “Philosophers”.

Illithid-Crafted Creatures

Abberant constructs tend to have red-hued ferrorGEN infused carapaces: ex. Beholders, Chuul

Homonculi have mutaGENic flesh: ex. Chokers, Dopplegangers

Athaekeetha are vampiric illithids created by the Thoon. wikiAthae.gif
Meant to be a contained experiment, a lab accident has freed the virus and infected crew have spread it unknowingly before the incubation period ended and symptoms revealed the disease.

Neh’Thalggu – Thoon brain collectors. wikiNehthag.gif


Githyanki – raiders who shift between the prime and the astral, their queen Vlaakith posessed the Rod of Ephemelon, which can dominate and quest any red dragon. However, a countermeasure has been produced by the Commonwealth and provided to the Iron Kingdom. Their home base is Tu’narath.

Devourers – Githyanki heretics, made undead during incident with planet-killer weapon.wikiDevour.jpg

Jgghul – wasp-shaped monstrosities whose larva can reanimate corpses. Known to cocoon itself indefinately to survive in hostile or lean conditions.

Nabasu – gargoyle like fiend, consumes the energies of humanoids leaving them as mind-controlled savages.

Flumph – intellegent aerial jellyfish, live on a gas-based diet. Illithid will not hunt them.


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