GEN elements enable technologies that would otherwise be impossible. Subspace communications, directed-energy weaponry, and faster-than-light travel are just a few of the benefits of GENtechnology research.

GEN can be tuned to create system cores and produce quasi-magical items and persistent effects.

On any large starship, the EM-c unit (Energy-Matter converter) is the most pervasive piece of equipment. It provides most basic equipment and sustenance to the crew directly from the starcaster’s powercore.

Directed-Energy Weapons provide much more capability than standard slug-throwers or low-powered laser equipment.

GEN Ammunition is used by some specialized slug-throwers and gun-blades.

New Magical Items

Arcane Species


Special Materials

Duralloy – magic immune metal from the planet of the Nulls. Cannot be teleported or starcast normally.
Venom – black goo, causes violent mutations in nearly all it contacts. Tends to produce spiderlike traits. Used by the drow matriarchs to test their subjects as they reach certain traditional power-levels.

Notes on magical effects

Resurrection magic should always be done within orbital range of where death occurred.


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