Due to the em-c-unit, the Commonwealth is a post-scarcity society. Most equipment and basic goods are available for little or no cost on Commonwealth ships, installations, and the Core Systems.

However, there is still high demand for finely crafted goods, special materials, and enchanted wares. Commonwealth credits are used as an exchange of time and resources for requisitioning these rare goods.

Other societies do use standard currencies.

Most advanced alloys and composites incorporate some amount of gentech, though this may be due to a naturally infused ore, rather than a refined or enchanted substance.

Special Materials

Ferro-composite – Darkwood

Armor Modifications

Modification — Cost — Equivalent property

Pressurized — 4000gp — Pressure Suit
Covert Armor — 12,650gp — Folding Plate
Aquatic — 24,650 gp — Plate Armor of the Deep


Energy Weapons

Blaster – Force
Ion – Electricity
Plasma – Fire
Disruptor – Sonic
Disintegrator – Acid Damage,_ (Large weapons only)_

Blaster and Ion cannot crit or multifire, but can stun limited to 20 feet.

Arc Capacitor – Javelin of LIghtning

Requisition new weapons and equipment.

Currency Notes:
Tanar’ri use a square coin of red gold.

Other items ( Pathfinder Technology Guide )


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