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    h1. The Reefs of Space The Pathfinder has been discovered! New Ships [[The Radiant]] [[The Lajatang]] New NPCs https://omega-sector.obsidianportal.com/characters/amir-anis

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    h1. Reefs Database Ships: [[The Lajatang]] [[The Radiant]] [[Pathfinder Village]] Characters: [[:amir-anis | Amir Anis]] h1. General Database [[Technobabble]] h2. [[KnowledgeGeography]] [[The Commonwealth]] [[Iron Kingdom]] …

  • Serina Melodiana

    Was once considered scapegoats of the common wealth till with the help of Melodie Pond fireballed her way thru a zombie ship. Saving the people of the zombie ship and bringing some stranded space pirates to justice. Promoted to First Lt. and assigned …

  • Vuz'Thrae Hel-Vi'val

    Little did Vuzthrae know that while she was growing up, slipping away from her mother and watching the sword masters work was taboo. At the early age of 5 years old Vuzthrae picked up her first sword (which at the time seemed like a sword to her), a drow …