Omega Sector


Change in Crew / Changling in Crew

PCs are introduced to NPCs throughout the ship.

Two concerns are voiced by their commanding officer, Ramorth. One, the recently discovered body of a crewman who was actively working, and then his recent disappearance without the headcount on the ship changing. Two, several appearances of a shadowy, screaming specter around the ship.

PCs successfully identified and cornered the doppleganger responsible in the maintenance corridor and prevented whatever plot it had in mind. It was apprehended alive, with only a single casualty (an engineering crewman crushed to death by a protein-polymorph). Monstrous creations of the doppleganger were destroyed, and the true Dr. Abraxus was freed from his umbraGEN tank and recieved treatment for overexposure.

Items from the dopplegangers quarters were delivered to the PCs, namely a mutaGENic glove, a qualith-inscribed canister, and a umbraGEN shard.

Ensign Stacy Villite, who assisted admirably with the capture of the doppleganger, will be attending the Captain’s card game with the DarkRunner team.


Dreyrugr Dreyrugr

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