Omega Sector

Operation: Alien Abduction
We're looking for the big brain.

The DarkRunners are being deployed with the Pathfinder to the orbit of the Darius System.

Intelligence suggests that the second planet is the home to a substantial illithid presence. Scans from orbit have shown a primitive infrastructure augmented by powerful GEN technology. Communications have instructed that the planet is closed to all visitors and any ship attempting to enter atmosphere will be destroyed. Two scout ships were lost testing this threat.

The DarkRunners (including Stacy) will perform an extreme high-altitude jump, along with a cargo container (10×10×20 ft.) Upon landing, they will attempt to locate and capture an elder brain for interrogation.

Each member will be equipped with a directed teleportation device that will return them to either the Pathfinder or the Penumbra station. They will also carry a large-scale version of this which will be attached to the elder brain and used to teleport it directly to a holding tank in Penumbra Station.

An additional 35000 credits worth of requisition authorization is allowed to prepare for the mission. Refer to the EM-c Unit documentation for what can be replicated directly at no cost. This mission will take place 3 months after the return from Zerth, so time is available to order or craft custom items.

The Darius star is a colossal red-giant, with dark regions indicating a massive impacts or sudden cooling. Studies of the planetary orbits indicate that it has consumed several of its closest orbiting planets.

The World of Darius II is composed of a narrow tropical band around the equator, with vast ice-sheets covering most of the rest of the planet. The climate is clearly artificial and possibly controlled from the massive temple-structures that ring the planet. These same structures were responsible for the energy blasts that destroyed our scouts.
Inhabitant scan as near-human, and mostly seem to farm the surface and attend some sort of religious observance in and around the temple structures. The groups are seperated by hundreds of miles, and there seems to be very little travel or communication between these city-states.

Side-Trek III
The Enemy of My Enemy....

Due to The Valiant requiring repairs. Her crew is assigned to an older vessel from the Trinity Wars. This DragonSlayer-Class torpedo ship called The Aegis is immediately deployed to the otherside of Commonwealth space, to investigate ship disappearances.

Argos Station is a listening post and defensive frontier station that is the last port of call for the missing ships.

After a starcaster jump that nearly cripples the ship, they dock at Argos Station to question its commander. Captain Berune remains on-board The Aegis to supervise repairs.

It is discovered that the Station Commander, Tacha Soros, is under the control of an alien being, and is confronted.

The Aegis is undocked to prevent contamination.

The intellect devourer who inhabits her corpse gives evidence of innocence in the matter of her death and blames CommonWealth Intelligence for the ship disappearances, suspecting a covert strike against the illithids.

All of the ship disappearances coincided with a sub-space energy signature near where they docked. After departing the station, they disappeared from sensors without a starcaster trace.

The corpse of Commander Soros is investigated by use of Speak With Dead, and identifies her killer as a shadowy creature who drains life.

Using the sensor logs from her time of death, the signature of the killer is established, and the station swept with no readings.

The Aegis begins experiencing loss of systems control and begins moving away. Scans of the ship showed the killers energy signature working near the starcaster. Only by shutting down the ship were they able to prevent its loss. It is surrounded by a positive energy field and redocked by towing shuttles.

The party enters the ship and confronts what appears to be a wraith on the bridge. Having defeated it easily, leaving only a lump of rags, they quickly realize that it had used Dimension Door to drop its disguise and jump away. Pursuing the signal to the cargo bay, they begin a search and are attacked by the masked monk who had been disguised by the Wraithform Cloak. After a vicious battle, the creature is captured, and unmasked.

The Githyanki female known as Phan’wei Ezel reveals that her commander Ioruis Edata has been stealing ships all along the Dark Zone border to use to attack Illithid holdings. In framing the CommonWealth for these attacks, the Githyanki hope to spur them into attacking the CommonWealth, which will allow the Githyanki forces to flank them while their force is divided. This attack has been on-going, so nothing is risked by allowing the CommonWealth to prepare for the invasion, since that just means more dead Illithids.

Utilizing the knowledge of the Duergar scientist, Dulurus, the party establishes the path of the stolen ships, and takes the Githyanki fighter there to possibly self-destruct the fleet of stolen ships. They find a planet with an ethereal twin (in the manner of Zerth). Only the most recently taken ship is there, but life signs of crew are on the ethereal side. They land and face a nest of Xill and Phase Spiders, saving all those crew who were not beyond help.

Commendations for Heroics are awarded to both Senior Officers and the Junior Officer involved. Phan’wei Ezel remains in custody, sealed against Planeshift and Dimension Door.

Tracking the tranjectory

Castle Void
Anomaly in the Barrens

Investigating an odd magical reading in an otherwise deserted sector, the DarkRunners encounter a displaced lich’s castle, and bring it down on his head.

Side-Trek I
The Bug Hunt

Secondary characters tackle an assignment on the other side of the CommonWealth.

Dead Dragons Tell No Tales
The Nameless Revealed

When Chronicler Baelgorian departs the ship without leave, the DarkRunners are sent to retrieve him.

On the shores of a coastal on a planet orbiting Wadi, they encounter him and learn of his quest to destroy “The Nameless”, a blue dragon who fled the Iron Kingdom to protect a dark secret. Baelgorian and the missing Drago studied under “The Nameless” and discovered the origin of GEN. Drago fled into the Dark Zone seeking The Nameless, and has been lost ever sense. Baelgorian seeks to remove any possibility that The Nameless can reveal his secrets.

An agreement is struck, and the DarkRunners attack the Nameless after a brief parlay.

With The Nameless dead, they return to The Pathfinder, and Chronicler Baelgorian is tried an put on indefinite probation pending the end of the mission.

Strange Readings on the Rainbow
Alliance with Yggdrasil Clan

Exploring the edges of the Chroma Nebula, the Pathfinder sends the explorer-class vessel “Umbrage” to a nearby world. The Pathfinder maintains a discreet distance due to readings of sector-wide conflict.

A brief encounter with a power-armor scout unit leaves one of the Yggdrasil clan dead. His killing being ruled honorable, the victorious DarkRunners are invited to his funeral feast.

Once there, a doppleganger is detected leaving the feast, and is followed. He sets up a communication device, until confronted.

The Yggdrasil request help with a kinsman who has barricaded himself in a nearby cave. Kin-slaying is taboo here, and he is firing upon all who approach.

The DarkRunners attempt to enter the cave undetected, and see many power-armored natives, as well as one seated on a makeshift throne. He has an abberant tentacle fused with his CereBellum port.

The DarkRunners attack and are downed to a single member before turning the tide. With most of the armor disabled, they attack the creature behind the throne with grenades and end the threat.

The Belly of the Worm
Encounter on Scirocco
  • Explorer vessel attached to The Pathfinder goes to investigate derelict alien vessel on surface of Scirocco III. Accidentally awakens hibernating “Devourer” – (now known to be an undead form of heretic Githyanki)
  • Communication is lost with an explorer vessel attached to the Pathfinder.
    Darkrunners dispatched to determine nature and extent of threat.
  • Combat with Devourer leaves one of the DarkRunners infused with the knowledge of the Tir’Su script.
  • As the engineering crew return to getting the devourer vessel space-worthy, the DarkRunners go to investigate a nearby structure shown on the console of the alien ship.
  • Disabling a mutaGENic canopy covering an entrance, they enter a descending cavern with odd architecture.
  • Encountering a mutated illithid, they learn he has spawned a race of purpleworm/illithid hybrids, who reverence him. He is quite insane.
  • The DarkRunners destroy him and de-petrify the colossal purpleworm that composes the structure. The collapsing structure kills several of these psurlons, and seals the rest in the caverns below.
Change in Crew / Changling in Crew

PCs are introduced to NPCs throughout the ship.

Two concerns are voiced by their commanding officer, Ramorth. One, the recently discovered body of a crewman who was actively working, and then his recent disappearance without the headcount on the ship changing. Two, several appearances of a shadowy, screaming specter around the ship.

PCs successfully identified and cornered the doppleganger responsible in the maintenance corridor and prevented whatever plot it had in mind. It was apprehended alive, with only a single casualty (an engineering crewman crushed to death by a protein-polymorph). Monstrous creations of the doppleganger were destroyed, and the true Dr. Abraxus was freed from his umbraGEN tank and recieved treatment for overexposure.

Items from the dopplegangers quarters were delivered to the PCs, namely a mutaGENic glove, a qualith-inscribed canister, and a umbraGEN shard.

Ensign Stacy Villite, who assisted admirably with the capture of the doppleganger, will be attending the Captain’s card game with the DarkRunner team.


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